Digital Printing

Pranata Printing also provides Digital Printing category printing services such as Banner, Sticker, Poster, Sublimation Print, Jersey Print, Cutting Sticker, Print and Cut, Backlite, and Poster With Foamboard. Contact now for your printing quotation.

Hang Tag Pranata Printing

Hang Tag

Hang tag is a printed media with size (standard) 7 cm x 4 cm with different shape different according to the needs of the company.

Frame Poster Pranata Printing

Frame Poster

Frame poster is the combination of an unbound frame and the poster itself. The frame is made from sturdy and solid wood, so it does not break easily only by a slight contact.

Banner Prints Pranata Printing


Banner is a large displayed media containing brief announcements about particular events, product promotions, logos, slogans, or another customized message.

Poster Prints Pranata Printing


Fast and cheap poster printing in Jakarta is available in various sizes and qualified paper materials, which are suitable for promotional or publication needs.

Foam Board Poster Pranata Printing

Foam Board Poster

Do you need to print a Foam Board Poster? Pranata Printing provides online foam board poster printing with fast, affordable, and premium quality output for your business needs.

Sticker Prints Pranata Printing

Sticker Prints

Sticker is a printed object usually applied on a particular solid medium, such as on a boxes or on the building’s mirror side where the high traffic of pedestrians is consistently spotted.

Cutting Sticker Prints Pranata Printing

Cutting Sticker Prints

Cutting Sticker is a particular cutting technique by the automatic cutting machine to cut stickers as designed, either on a solid-color sticker or on the pre-printed stickers.

Jersey Prints Pranata Printing

Jersey Prints

Apparently the community is the most interesting part of our life because it has a tendency to stratify itself into social groups to share the same hobbies and interests.

Sublimated Fabric Prints Pranata Printing

Sublimated Fabric Prints

Sublimated fabric printing needs has arised as one of digital press printing technology, which perfectly fits for certain textiles such as canvas, polyester, dry fit, satin, blacu, silk, and other substances.

T-Shirt Prints Pranata Printing

T-Shirt Prints

T-shirts are the most-simple clothing for non-formal occasions with short-sleeved models, favourited by majority of people due to its comfortable and simple features.

Print and Cut Pranata Printing

Print and Cut

Print and Cut is a particular technique to split the stickers into pieces using a plotter machine. Fast production, small quantity printing and full-colour process are the most prominent advantages.

Backlit Print Pranata Printing


The backlit print is a popular way to display graphics, messages, and images, adding a touch of magic to any setting using the stunning light rays dispersion from custom light box displays.

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