A well-equipped knowledge about paper and materials, the most common used objects in the printing process, is the most important aspects you need to acquire before all printing process begins. For that reason, customers are advised to understand each paper type and its suitable application to the printing process.

In Jakarta, majority of people recognize only HVS due to its massive scale for everyday photocopy needs, but not other types of paper. But no worries, we will help you to understand all paper types used in Digital Offset Printing for better understanding and consideration about what kind of paper they could use for their project. Here are some types of qualified paper standards for suitable printing needs, used by Pranata Printing. Kindly check the information below.

Media Offset Digital Offset Paper

Hereby you can find the attached information regarding a variety of medium before proceeding to the printing process.

Media Digital Printing

Various printing mediums are available in digital printing industry with extensive applications.

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