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Hang Tag

is a small cardboard or plastic label that hangs from an item of clothing and gives information such as size, color, fabric, and price. By providing such information, customers are expected to know the spesification of the products they want to buy. The standard size of the hang- tag is 7 cm – 4 cm, However, hang tag can be customized with size and shape according to the needs of the company. With the help of Digital Printing, Print Hang-Tag is fast, easy and can be personalized

The purpose of Hang Tag is to strengthen the trademark, influence consumer decisions in buying proses, avoid branding fraud and become a tool when a company doing branding activities. Hang tags are usually hung in easy-to-see parts of the product.

Hang tags using variables such as Art carton, Corrugated and other types of fancy paper. Printing takes 2-3 business days depending on the quantity and details of the hang tag itself. Contact Pranata Printing to get printed information that suits your needs.

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