Machine HP Indigo 5600

Mesin HP Indigo 5600

Aimed to facilitate customer needs towards printing quality and efficiency, Pranata Printing provides New HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press Machine, a versatile device which delivers high offset quality for commercial production. This machine uses synthetic substrates ink technology, resulting in obvious high colour consistency and uniformity compared to the similar type of machinery. By providing this fine device, we hope it leads to a better products quality and production efficiency of our future service, in which obviously projected for your maximum satisfaction.

This machine is built to assist minimum quantity of digital printing needs such as Business Cards, A3 Papers, Books, Brochures, Company Profiles, Corporate Maps, Notes, Menu Books, and other specific demands, which could be done in a short period of time. Unlike conventional printing, this machine is available to do a mass-print production with fine offset quality. A wide preference of fancy paper prints, such as Ivory, Spendorgel, Coronado, or Mawhawk, becomes another advantage you can take in using HP Indigo 5600.

Visit us anytime when need assistance for premium-printed promotional tools of your corporate/business. By using HP Indigo 5600, the price, quality, and speed to fulfill your printing project would be at the most efficient rate. Feel free to consult with our marketing team in advance, prior to the printing process, to ensure you get the best deals and solutions for your printing needs.

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