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Banner Prints

Pranata Printing Jakarta provides a budget yet premium result, and various types of banner printing production, place your order now! Banner is a large displayed media containing brief announcements about particular events, product promotions, logos, slogans, or another customized message; it is often used in outdoor installation and, in most cases, is used during the campaign periods of all election process.

Indoor installation of banners is often performed by particular companies in some exhibitions/events. Banners are also very popular among the retailers like shops, restaurants, and cafes. With the advanced technology available, production for banner prints only takes 1-2 hours, with Flexy China size 270 (also available for 330 and 440) as the most preferred materials due to the low-cost characteristic.

For outdoor installation, it is strongly recommended to use German Flexy material for the sturdy composition and longer durability. Due to the lower price, companies/businesses tend to have frequent banner-production intensity within one year period. Attractive visual design is a very important aspect to support the success of promotion throughout the banner as media.

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