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Jersey Prints

Apparently, the community is the most interesting part of our life because it has a tendency to stratify itself into social groups to share the same hobbies and interests.

Usually, to differentiate one community from another, some group creates a unique identity using accustomed t-shirt/jacket along with an attached logo of their own, for instance: futsal kit, basketball jersey, and badminton suits. Other than sport apparels, certain outfit styles have been used widely by corporates every time they have either internal or external event to present the branding or identity of the group.

With the current digital printing technology, t-shirts production, costumes, and jersey could be arranged in a small quantity, with an estimated production time of 7-10 days, depending on its expected quantity. Jersey material is usually made of polyester composition commonly referred as dry-fit materials.

Pranata Printing is ready to print your Jersey as per your designs, including the names of each players or persons on the back side. Please do not hesitate to discuss with our marketing team for further information.

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