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Mini Flag Pranata Printing

Mini Flag

The Straw Flag or what we commonly call Mini Flag is a small flag that can be held by hand and waved at a state event. The flag may also be used for Sport events, exhibitions, and branding activity.

Ordner Bindex Pranata Printing

Ordner Bindex

Ordner bindex is a large folder with a thick leather or conventional cover to keep the important files or documents. Usually, these Ordner files are largely found in stationery shops.

Business Card Pranata Printing

Business Card

Business cards are card-bearing business information about a company or individual, usually shared during formal introductions in a meeting or conference.

Brochure Pranata Printing


Brochure / Flyer / Leaflet is a media promotion paper created to spread promotional information of a product by distributing it directly to the customer’s hand.

Hang Tag Pranata Printing

Hang Tag

Hang tag is a printed media with size (standard) 7 cm x 4 cm with different shape different according to the needs of the company.

Frame Poster Pranata Printing

Frame Poster

Frame poster is the combination of an unbound frame and the poster itself. The frame is made from sturdy and solid wood, so it does not break easily only by a slight contact.

Banner Prints Pranata Printing


Banner is a large displayed media containing brief announcements about particular events, product promotions, logos, slogans, or another customized message.

Poster Prints Pranata Printing


Fast and cheap poster printing in Jakarta is available in various sizes and qualified paper materials, which are suitable for promotional or publication needs.

Agenda Book Pranata Printing

Agenda Book

Do you need a fast and high-quality agenda prints in Jakarta? Contact Pranata Printing today and give us a call to get the best and premium-quality agenda books according to your business needs.

Meeting Book Pranata Printing

Meeting Book

Meeting Book is one kind of book to be used in formal occasions. This book is a very important media to present information or strategies to the meeting attendance.

Manual Book Pranata Printing

Manual Book

Manual Book is a specified handbook to help customers operate the newly purchased goods. Basic operational guidelines is usually included in the electronical hardware.

Menu Book Pranata Printing

Menu Book

Attractive visual designs inside the menu book is important for customer’s experience during their meal-picking process. The production cost of this menu book varies greatly.

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Established in January 2010, Pranata Printing has become one of the advanced printing stores in Jakarta, focusing on Digital Printing Services (indoor and outdoor placement), Acrylic, Sublime Printing, Digital Offset, Offset Printing, Graphic Design, and Document Binding. Pranata Printing has been professionally investing most of its time to provide a comprehensive range of printing solutions for company & business projects in Greater Jakarta Area. We understand that ‘time efficiency’ is a huge deal for megapolitan companies, hence we always try to build a productive working culture to help us accelerate the process of various customer demands.

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Pranata Printing is ready to assist your printing needs with premium quality and affordable offers. If you have questions about printing or related services, please contact us through (021) 5660187, or come to our workshop located at  Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 60A Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. You can also submit a proposal by sending us your raw product’s design to (Contact), and we will provide you an immediate feedbacks within 24 hours after we receive your message.

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Delivery Printing Service – Time is the most valuable asset within the printing industry, and effectiveness is one of the most concerned by most entrepreneurs. Many companies rely on printing stores to produce different types of business printings and product promotions. For this purpose, Pranata Printing comes with qualified human resources to work with your needs and demands; we provide a special team to assist you with every printing need, such as 2018 calendar, business card, or other types of printing needs. We also provide fast and reliable delivery service to ship your final printed products right to the appointed address, and this service is available for any ordered quantity.

With fast delivery services, we really hope to create “Customer Loyalty” so that you never have to worry about any hindering circumstances close to the deadlines. Quality Printing Service – Each company has different printing standards according to their natural business process and internal procedures, for instance: restaurant needs the best printing-quality for menu books and banners to maintain their credibility. Other businesses might demand average/low print quality because of the competitive and cheap price offered, often applied for meeting-book printings, wobbler, sticker, flyer, agenda, mug, USB, etc.; various alternatives are available to be tailored based on your needs.

To accommodate the needs of excellent printing quality and affordable price, Pranata Printing is equipped with diverse printing machines ranging from Indigo Printing 5600, Heidelberg SM52, Canon Press 7010, Roland, Mimaki, HP Laser Cut, and Flat-Bed Mimaki, in order to meet any printing needs. Pranata Printing sticks to the concept of “One Stop Printing Solution” to show that we have all printing services the market ever needs, such as certificate printings, boxes, paper bags, souvenirs, T-shirts, jersey and you name it. In addition, we also have options to print on the surface of acrylic, commonly used for display tools. By using reliable Japanese import machines, perfection is the only thing we will reveal on the printing results.

Dedicated Marketing – Every business has varied needs of promotional products, ranging from the type of mold, print size, design, type of paper/materials, or the type of shape required. Those who are new in printing industry might have difficulty in putting the printed product into the right composition, therefore, Pranata Printing team is always ready to assist our customers, including by paying a visit for private consultation, also sample materials are available by request. Feel free to contact us via phone, WhatsApp, direct chat on our website, or directly come to our office. We always hope to be part of your printing projects.