Pranata Printing provides various printable displays, such as X Banner, Y Banner, Roll Up Banner, Mini X Banner, Magnetic Backdrop, and Tripod Standing Frame. Contact us for more information regarding these display printing services.

X Banner Pranata Printing

X Banner

X Banner is equipped with durable albatross / flexy materials and X-shaped holder on the backside to keep it stand firmly. X Banner media is equipped with several standard sizes.

Mini X Banner Pranata Printing

Mini X Banner

The standard size of Mini X banner is 25 cm x 40 cm. Mini X Banner, as it called is often showcased in specific places with minimum space available for physical marketing tools installation.

Roll Up Banner Pranata Printing

Roll Up Banner

Roll Up Banner has similar function with X banner, but requires less effort to carry with special handbag and save more time with flexible installation by just pulling the roll and hook it up to the holder.

Tripod Standing Frame Pranata Printing

Tripod Standing Frame

Tripod Standing Frame is a widely used marketing media to display promotions and events which installed on top of the foam-board / polyfoam.

Y Banner Pranata Printing

Y Banner

Y Banner is one kind of printed promotional tools with the Y-shaped holder in the backside, commonly used for events, exhibitions, or front-store promotions.

Magnetic Backdrop Pranata Printing

Magnetic Backdrop

Magnetic Backdrop is a foldable print display which allows customers to easily carry the product using our after-print bags. We consistently apply the Japanese Vinyl Sticker materials.

Mini Triangle Pop Display

Mini Triangle POP Display is a tidy display system, made from printed board materials using Art Paper 120. This type of display is often used to show company information, such as Logo, Product, and others.


With Digital Printing technology, Pranata printing provides printing services for Display categories like X Banner, Y Banner, Roll Up Banner, Mini X Banner, Magnetic Backdrop, and Tripod Standing Frame. Check the information below before printing the Display Category.

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