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Poster Prints

Fast and cheap poster printing in Jakarta is available in various sizes and qualified paper materials, which are suitable for promotional or publication needs. The poster is a printed publication media with pictures, logos, articles about product promotion, or other information guides as the main distributed contents. The purpose of poster placements is to provide the market with an informative message and good visual appearances to attract public attention.

Therefore, the widespread presence of posters indicates that there are various attempts from many stakeholders to attract the market with their product/services. Poster placements are usually spotted at the high traffic points of people or vehicles, such as Mall, School, University, Market, Event, and other public places. Another purpose of the posters is to persuasively engage the public, hence it needs an attractive design and eye-catching size to finally attract the market.

The most preferred paper material for poster print is Art paper 120, with a less intimidating price for your pocket, while poster production process only takes 2-3 hours for one ream scale. Pranata Printing is the only solution for every poster printing needs, so reach out to our marketing team to discuss your expected outcomes.

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