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Pranata Printing provides Offset/Print On Demand services such as Metal Name Card, Regular Name Card, Company Profile, Company Folder, Letterhead, Brochure/Flyer, Woobler, Flag, Chain Flag, Certificate, Invitation, Tent Card, Calendar, and A3 Print. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding Offset / Print On Demand services for your printing needs.

Mini Flag Pranata Printing

Mini Flag

The Straw Flag or what we commonly call Mini Flag is a small flag that can be held by hand and waved at a state event. The flag may also be used for Sport events, exhibitions, and branding activity.

Ordner Bindex Pranata Printing

Ordner Bindex

Ordner bindex is a large folder with a thick leather or conventional cover to keep the important files or documents. Usually, these Ordner files are largely found in stationery shops.

Business Card Pranata Printing

Business Card

Business cards are card-bearing business information about a company or individual, usually shared during formal introductions in a meeting or conference.

Brochure Pranata Printing


Brochure / Flyer / Leaflet is a media promotion paper created to spread promotional information of a product by distributing it directly to the customer’s hand.

Company Folder Pranata Printing

Company Folder

Company Folder is one kind of media which is generally used to store important documents or keep the compiled presentation files in a decent way.

Company Profile Pranata Printing

Company Profile

Company Profile is a chart or book series of 6-12 pages describes company basic introductions, logo, address, product, or service with professional and attractive contents.

Calendar Prints Pranata Printing


The calendar is a chart or series of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, or giving particular seasonal information. It could be also be used as gift or souvenirs for customers.

Letterhead Pranata Printing


Letterhead the most required stationery of a formal letter as it highlights the differences between formal and non-formal letters, is generally placed on the upper side of paper.

A3 Printing Pranata Printing

A3 Printing

A3 printing or commonly referred as print on demand, is an A3/A3+ paper printing technique. With the latest technological advances, there is no more minimum quantity like in the past.

Chain Flag Pranata Printing

Chain Flag

Chain Flag is an A5 sized paper (14.8 x 21 cm) made from Art Cardboard or Art Paper, which is often transformed into the small flags hanging on long threads.

Metal Name Card

Metal Name Card is an aluminium based material. By using this business card, it could significantly increase your self-esteem in attending networking events.

Paper Bag Pranata Printing

Paper Bag

Paper Bag is a packing bag made of paper to show-off the brand names. The types of paper used for paper bags printing are Art Paper, Kraft Paper, and Ivory Paper, all with adjustable height and width.

Certificate Pranata Printing


A certificate is printed on A4 paper (21 x 29.7 cm), often showcasing particular information about a person achievements, qualified competencies, or involvement in some particularly events.

Invitation Pranata Printing


The Invitation Card is a printed media used to share only with closest peers: colleagues, relatives, special friends for a private wedding ceremony, events, birthday parties, and other countless occasions.

Tent Card Pranata Printing

Tent Card

Tent Card is a triangled display made of highly organized folded paper. Art cardboard is the popular substance for tent card production due to its bold texture which is applicable on straight surfaces.

Wobbler Pranata Printing


Wobbler is a round-shaped promotional media, made of mica or plastic material, usually applied on a shelf or shop counter to attract customers attention with its unique appearances.

Spunbond Pranata Printing


Spunbond is a common substance we often referred as furing. This material is very popular to use as a shopping bag, goody bag, and another type of souvenirs.

ID Card Pranata Printing

ID Card

ID Card (Identity Card) is a printed media made of PVC, usually printed with unique and diverse content characteristics, such as company logo, photo, name, or even employee number.

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