Foam Board Poster Pranata Printing

Foam Board Poster

Do you need to print a Foam Board Poster? Pranata Printing provides online foam board poster printing with fast, affordable, and premium quality output for your business needs. Similar to the poster, the only thing which differs is the attached foam board material on its backside, which are physically sturdy to be mounted on the rough surfaces.

Poster printing is usually included with a tripod standing frame as alternative to wall installation. Due to the low-cost material, poster is not designed to undergo long period of time, because customers still need to frequently refresh their posters design and content to keep clients stay as close as possible.

This job needs highly organized skills during poster and foam board integration process. Estimated production time is around 1 hour for 1 poster completion. Should you need specific crafting process with specific amount of time, please do not hesitate to talk about the case with our team so we can help you through the entire process.

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