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Company Profile

Find the comprehensive advantages of affordable, efficient, and premium quality product for your company only in Pranata Printing Online West Jakarta. We provide well experienced visual designers should you need proper design crafting in store. Company Profile is a chart or book series of 6-12 pages (general size of A4 – 21 cm x 29.7 cm) in which describes company basic introductions, logo, address, product, or service with professional and attractive contents.

The ultimate purpose of introducing company profile is to amplify the brand awareness in external events, company’s charity events, or even in customer pitching presentations. Important information shared inside the booklet is expected to increase company value in all possibilities hence leads to potential partnership opportunities with the other business practitioners. Various competitive prices are available, especially among digital printing stores in Greater Jakarta Area, depending on the production requirements from customers.

The standard size of company profile booklet is A4 – 21.5 cm x 33 cm. With digital technology assistance, we provide fast production process within 1-2 working days with the minimum quantity order of 100 sets. For further arrangement, please do not hesitate to consult with our marketing team in advance to get suitable material options and cheap price offers.

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