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Company Folder

Need to print your company folder with qualified materials yet more affordable price option? Order now in Pranata Printing and get the best printing results for various purposes. Company Folder is one kind of media which is generally used to store important documents or keep the compiled presentation files in a decent way. Usually, this product come in the form of half-folded paper pieces with available space to store any printed documents inside.

Their main purpose of this company folder is to professionally provide readable contents in hand either during business meeting presentation, or customer pitching occasion, aside from staring too much at the screen.

The general size of this product is 21.5 cm x 33 cm, but it is actually applicable for other types of paper depending on the needs. For regular use, you can choose Art Cardboard material with laminating overlay, while for the more formal occasions, you could appoint splendorgel paper with additional UV Spot or Hot Print.

The production process usually takes approximately 2-4 working days, depending on the quantity and process complexity. This media could also be further accustomed to several usages, for instance, adding a special space for business cards or additional elegant pack looks.

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