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Agenda Book

Do you need a fast, affordable, and high-quality agenda prints in Jakarta? Contact Pranata Printing today and give us a call to get the best and premium-quality agenda books according to your business needs. Agenda book contains some important information, such as phone numbers, company information, company photos, calendars, and blank/striped pages for handwriting space. It is widely used to store information about meetings, working schedules, important announcements, or specified messages to help the owner to remember all important stuffs.

Agenda book prints could come in various styles based on the company requirements, such as hardcover agendas, leathered-material agendas, spiral bindings, and laminating covers. For common size, agenda books are usually printed on the 14.8 x 21 cm size.

Types of paper used in agenda books are HVS for the handwriting spaces, Art Cardboard to display images/pictures, and Art Paper for the information section. On another occasion, agenda book prints also use fancy papers based on the budget and some specific requirements. Production time of agenda books takes approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the order quantity and details. Reach us out to get more information about the materials, budget, and other insights regarding agenda book for your project.

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